India Sourcing Support

The Supply Chain People cater to the needs of International buyers who want to deal in a variety of products. In India Sourcing, we provide importing and exporting services with an in-depth knowledge of the Indian market. For companies looking to diversify their low-cost country sources of supply, India seems to be an obvious choice. We help in making India sourcing simpler and cheaper for a horde of global corporations.

India is on the threshold of major reforms and is poised to become the third-largest economy of the world by 2030. In the words of our Hon’ble Prime Minister, India offers the 3 ‘Ds’ for business to thrive— Democracy, Demography, and Demand. Add to that a tech-savvy and educated population, skilled labor, robust legal and IPR regime, and a strong commitment to calibrated liberalization — Destination of our country makes India sourcing an important aspect that Global MNCs cannot overlook.

India’s manufacturing sector has evolved through several phases – from the initial industrialization and the License Raj to liberalization and the current phase of global competitiveness. Today, Indian manufacturing companies in several sectors are targeting global markets and are becoming formidable global competitors. Many are already amongst the most competitive in their sectors.

The Supply Chain People delivers quality sourcing from India for various material categories as per customer requirements. We take care of Program Management comprising of Product development process – PPAP / APQP preparation, Quality Management, Quality control & Inspection, Complaint handling through 8D Methodology, Supplier Audits, Logistics Management and Export Packaging, etc. The products are delivered directly to the customer manufacturing facility, designated warehouse or logistics provider premises as per the agreed terms.

Advantages of Entering India’s Competitive Market

Superior engineering capabilities are expected to drive India’s competitiveness. These types of engineering fields are effective and help in the mass production of products. The following are the types:

Process Engineering: India’s skilled manpower allows companies to innovate on process engineering through higher yields and lower costs.

Product Engineering: Reverse engineering capabilities lead to strengthening competitiveness in refurbishment or redesigning for legacy industrial systems. Delivery of products at a very short time to market makes India a strong sourcing and manufacturing base.

Quality Manufacturing: Ability to manufacture parts with high skill input requirements through quality manufacturing proves India to be a leading producer of quality goods.

Capital Engineering: Highly evolved tooling and machining industry enables indigenization of capital equipment and lowers the setup costs up to 20 percent other than LCCs and 40-50 percent other than developed markets. It also improves project competition to a notch higher.

Future Outlook

The Indian manufacturing sector has seen significant growth and changes over the past few years, driven by changing trends in markets, consumer segments and regulations. These changing trends like changing demographics, growing population and rapid urbanization are expected to change in the future too which in turn will result in an incremental demand for value-added products in the manufacturing sector of India.

Indian Government’s focus in the manufacturing sector is expected to ensure policies supporting investment in this sector and attracting more FDI. India, having access to a variety of natural resources and growing technical knowledge base, has strong comparative advantages over other nations when it comes to manufacturing. The manufacturing sector in India is privileged to become ‘The Engine of Growth’ which will further drive India to be a global economic power one day. The sector holds much promise, and companies that spot and seize the opportunity on time can gain significantly from India.