About us

The Supply Chain People currently have a broad network of suppliers in almost all industries, allowing you to source almost any product you want. We offer sourcing services from India to a few businesses in Germany, China, and other countries. Our highly trained sourcing team brings insight and value to each client. Our client base belongs to sectors like Energy, FMCG, Consumer Lifestyle, Cables, and Wires, etc.  We wish to expand our clientele as much as possible and give you services as per your demand.     

Be a part of The Supply Chain People network and get a chance to be a part of the emerging giants of the world. What we expect our customers to gain is the expertise to source potential vendors and negotiate pricing, monitor sampling and facilitate product approvals, process export orders and ensure quality from sampling to shipment, communicate and coordinate all sourcing activities.

About Milind Aher

Coming from a family of farmers, farming had to be on the cards of Milind Aher’s future. Education was, however, his top priority. Educating himself well and setting different goals for himself had become a far-fetched dream for him. He began with this journey of impossibilities with a dream in his eye and confidence in his capabilities. His journey from a small town to traveling the world has been one fascinating learning experience for him. After completing a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering, he opted for a course in Supply Management to hone his skills and establish himself firmly in this industry.

During his 18 years of lifework, He got involved in processes like general manager sourcing with an Indian MNC and later, as a sourcing head.

Versatility in his career occurred when he got associated with various sectors like Energy, Electrical, Lighting, Consumer Lifestyle, Cables and Wires, Infrastructure and Engineering, FMCG, etc. A few companies in these sectors who he has worked with are Suzlon, Philips – Health Care, Godrej, R.R. Global, etc.

Working internationally, Milind Aher has achieved the much-needed expertise. He got associated with Indian and Multinational Organizations in various fields of Manufacturing, Planning, Project Management, Factory Operations, Purchasing, Logistics- Distribution and End to End Supply Chain Processes. For more than 10 years, he has been in various leadership roles of Purchasing and Supply Chain function to strategize and transform an organization’s success. Having a versatile work experience gave him an insight on end to end working of the Supply Chain in the various industries. He delved his way through with some highly experienced executives and now he possesses the company ‘The Supply Chain People’.

Become a customer of ‘The Supply Chain People’ and get a chance to be a part of the emerging giants of the world.

We measure progress by the intensity of work experience. Our work experience is measured by working with a multi-nationality client base who believes in our strength and workmanship.